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emergency servicesWelcome to the Osteo Rehab Clinic

The Osteo Rehab Clinic treats patients based on three very important concepts:
1. Total Body Adjustment
2. Integrated Health Care Modalities
3. Holistic Patient Care

Treatment at the Clinic is based on a Total Body Adjustment Approach. This approach enables the practitioner to restore body function through gentle and controlled manual therapy that corrects imbalances with in the body. These imbalances can develop into painful and debilitating disability, if un-treated.
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A personalize treatment plan will be develped for you based on information from the initial accessment. Your treatment plan may feature osteopathic manipulations combined with physiotherapy techniques. Other treatment modalities may be used such as Ultrasound, Laser, EMS, Exercise, and Posture Correction, which together can alleviate pain and reduce symptoms related to other conditions.

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